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ZUCA Sport bag with seat cover and lunchbox.

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When is the time to buy a ZUCA bag? Many parents ask that question. They don't know if their kids are serious about figure skating. "I will pay $170 and she will quit in 2 months!" - this is the major concern of many parents. From our experience, if your kid skates at least 2 times a week for 6 months, it is time for a ZUCA. 

You can wait for special occasion like Christmas, birthday, etc., or just purchase a ZUCA bag to reward your child's hard work and dedication to figure skating.

Of course you can get a ZUCA bag for your kid's first Learn to Skate lesson, but it is completely your decision.

We at Magicskate have a great offer for you! When you purchase a ZUCA Sport frame and insert you will get a ZUCA seat cover and a ZUCA lunchbox for free !!! This is an in store offer only!

ZUCA facts:

ZUCA Sport consists of a frame and an insert. The good thing about it, is that when your kid gets bored from the insert's design, you can get him/her a new insert for Christmas or their Birthday. The frame will serve you many years. 

ZUCA sport will fit your skates, blade covers, guards, and lot of other things as well. It has 5 pockets with a zipper, 2 with velcro, and 2 mesh compartments for small items.


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