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ES Performance spin-grippy skating protective gloves

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Grippy gloves are made by the ES Performance brand. 

These gloves have pads for protection on every finger and the palm of the hand. These gloves are very popular because they protect the skater’s hand from getting cut by the blade. Skaters often cut their hands on the blade while spinning ( doing the beilman spin, i spin, haircutter, etc.), or any movement that makes you hold your blade. So, these gloves are made to protect your hands from cutting yourself on your blade. The gloves are also hard to rip, unlike ordinary gloves. They also keep your hands warm and they last for a long time. I had these gloves for a year, and I never cut myself while wearing them. My friend always had a problem of cutting her finger doing haircutters (spin) until she got these gloves. She had wrapped her fingers in special tape to try to protect them, but nothing worked until she got these gloves. Because of how grippy the gloves are, pair skaters also use these gloves to do lifts, so that their hands don’t slip from each other.


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