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Ankle Sleeve/Bunga Pads

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While breaking in new skates, a lot of skaters feel discomfort in the area of their ankle. That is why when purchasing new skates many skaters purchase ankle sleeves with them. The most popular ankle sleeves are the Bunga Pads. Ankle sleeves cover the whole ankle and protect your ankle from any discomfort. An ankle sleeve has a thin layer of material on the outside, and a thicker layer of gel on the inside. Many people keep wearing the ankle sleeves after they break in their skates because they find the ankle sleeves very comfortable. Your ankle sleeves will wear out depending on how much you are skating and how much you are using them. Only one ankle sleeve is in a pack, so if only one skate is bothering you, you don’t have to worry about having two. Here are two examples that I have seen with ankle sleeves, and how great they work.

  1. My sister (who is 6), got a blister on her ankle bone and it hurt her to put her foot in her skate. Once she put an ankle sleeve on, she didn’t even feel the pain when she put her skates on.
  2. When I get new skates (I’m 12), the tongue of the skate usually hurts the front of my ankle, so every time I put new skates on I make sure that I’m wearing my ankle sleeves, because they take all the pain away!


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