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Soakers/Blade Covers

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When you purchase your pair of skates, the next thing you need are your soakers. Soakers and Blade Covers are the same exact thing, just they are called differently. Your soakers are something that you put on your blades to protect them while you are not skating. They take in all the extra moisture that are left on your blades after you have dried them. You should dry your blades to make them as dry as you can, but soakers will help you with the moisture you are not able to take off. Your soakers will protect your blades from getting rusted, because if your blades are rusted, skating is not much fun.

There are millions of varieties of soakers out there. There are ones that are just plain, but have a big variety of colors to choose from. There are ones that have reinforced blade protection. There are ones that look like animals. Some animal ones even make the noise of the animal when you squeeze it. Some have one color on the outside and another on the inside (Guardog Soft Paws). Some are very colorful and fluffy!

A lot of little kids enjoy animal soakers, and ones that make noise (Zookerz). Younger kids also enjoy very fluffy and colorful soakers. Just plain and colorful soakers are popular for very beginners and as kids get older. Reinforced blade covers get more and more popular as the skaters level grows. A lot of high level skaters use these reinforced blade covers to get the best protection for their blades. If you have a big blade size the best soakers to choose are the reinforced ones or the plain ones because they come in all sizes and they last for a long time.

I have had the reinforced blade covers for the past 2 years, and I love them! My younger sister, who is 6 years old, uses animal soakers. While my other younger sister, who just started skating, uses plain soakers ( which come in a variety of colors). Both of them love their soakers! I used the fluffy soakers as well, they were great! But, I feel like the reinforced blade covers do the job the best!

Animal Soakers

All of these soakers come in a variety of colors and sizes, and are all available at http://magicskateus.com/skate-guards/


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