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​Blade Guards

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Another important thing you will need for your skates, are your hard guards! Your hard guards are what you put on your blades while you are walking off the ice in your skates. They will protect your blades from all the things you step on that can harm your blade. There are two major brands of guards in the skating world: Guardog and Rockerz.

Guardog is a great brand. It is very popular among younger skaters who are making their first steps on the ice (learn to skate level) and recreational skaters. Guardog guards come in a variety of colors. There are some solid color ones, tie-die ones, different color pearl ones, ones that change color according to the temperature. There are even ones with different scents. These guards are not very expensive and last for a long amount of time. They are perfect for skaters that are younger and recreational skaters!

Rockerz is another great brand of guards. These guards are more popular among more advanced skaters and adults. These guards also come in a variety of colors. They come in solid colors, swirly - usually 2 colors in one guard, and mochi. Mochi are guards that have a color with almost see through white in one guard. Mochi and Swirly Rockerz are very cool because no pair is the same. Rockers are more expensive, but last for a long amount of time.

Both of these guard brands are great quality! 


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